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THE CHALET - 5 bedrooms, max. 12 people

The chalet is available on a self catering basis only. Current availability and weeks booked can be seen below. If you would like to reserve a week, please contact us with the dates you require and we will get back to you with the booking procedure. For terms and conditions, see below dates.

Week commencingToPriceAvailable?
Sat 18 Aug 18Sat 25 Aug 18£550.00Yes
Sat 25 Aug 18Sat 01 Sep 18£550.00Yes
Sat 01 Sep 18Sat 08 Sep 18£550.00Yes
Sun 09 Sep 18Sat 15 Sep 18£550.00No
Sat 15 Sep 18Sat 22 Sep 18£550.00Yes
Sat 22 Sep 18Sat 29 Sep 18£550.00Yes
Sat 29 Sep 18Sat 06 Oct 18£550.00Yes
Sat 06 Oct 18Fri 12 Oct 18£400.00Yes
Fri 12 Oct 18Sun 14 Oct 18£200.00No
Sun 14 Oct 18Sat 20 Oct 18£400.00Yes
Sat 20 Oct 18Sat 27 Oct 18£550.00Yes
Sat 27 Oct 18Sat 03 Nov 18£550.00Yes
Sat 03 Nov 18Sat 10 Nov 18£550.00Yes
Sat 10 Nov 18Sat 17 Nov 18£550.00Yes
Sat 17 Nov 18Sat 24 Nov 18£550.00Yes
Sat 24 Nov 18Sat 01 Dec 18£550.00Yes
Sat 01 Dec 18Sat 08 Dec 18£550.00Yes
Sat 08 Dec 18Sat 15 Dec 18£550.00Yes
Sat 15 Dec 18Sat 22 Dec 18£550.00No
Sat 22 Dec 18Sat 29 Dec 18£550.00No
Sat 29 Dec 18Sat 05 Jan 19£550.00No
Sat 05 Jan 19Sat 12 Jan 19£550.00Yes
Sat 12 Jan 19Sat 19 Jan 19£550.00Yes
Sat 19 Jan 19Sat 26 Jan 19£550.00No
Sat 26 Jan 19Sat 02 Feb 19£550.00Yes
Sat 02 Feb 19Sat 09 Feb 19£550.00Yes
Sat 09 Feb 19Sat 16 Feb 19£850.00No
Sat 16 Feb 19Sat 23 Feb 19£850.00No
Sat 23 Feb 19Sat 02 Mar 19£550.00No
Sat 02 Mar 19Sat 09 Mar 19£550.00No
Sat 09 Mar 19Sat 16 Mar 19£550.00Yes
Sat 16 Mar 19Sat 23 Mar 19£550.00Yes
Sat 23 Mar 19Sat 30 Mar 19£550.00Yes
Sat 30 Mar 19Sat 06 Apr 19£650.00Yes
Sat 06 Apr 19Sat 13 Apr 19£650.00No
Sat 13 Apr 19Fri 19 Apr 19£400.00Yes
Fri 19 Apr 19Sun 21 Apr 19£250.00No
Sun 21 Apr 19Sat 27 Apr 19£400.00Yes
Sat 27 Apr 19Sat 04 May 19£550.00Yes
Sat 04 May 19Sat 11 May 19£550.00Yes
Sat 11 May 19Sat 18 May 19£550.00Yes
Sat 18 May 19Sat 25 May 19£550.00Yes
Sat 25 May 19Sat 01 Jun 19£550.00Yes
Sat 01 Jun 19Sat 08 Jun 19£550.00Yes
Sat 08 Jun 19Sat 15 Jun 19£550.00Yes
Sat 15 Jun 19Sat 22 Jun 19£550.00Yes
Sat 22 Jun 19Sat 29 Jun 19£550.00Yes
Sat 29 Jun 19Sat 06 Jul 19£550.00Yes
Sat 06 Jul 19Sat 13 Jul 19£550.00Yes
Mon 15 Jul 19Mon 22 Jul 19£550.00No
Mon 22 Jul 19Sat 27 Jul 19£400.00Yes
Sat 27 Jul 19Fri 02 Aug 19£450.00Yes
Fri 02 Aug 19Sat 10 Aug 19£550.00No
Sat 10 Aug 19Sat 17 Aug 19£550.00No
Sat 17 Aug 19Sat 24 Aug 19£550.00No
Sat 24 Aug 19Sat 31 Aug 19£550.00No
Sat 31 Aug 19Sat 07 Sep 19£550.00Yes
Sat 07 Sep 19Sat 14 Sep 19£550.00Yes
Sat 14 Sep 19Sat 21 Sep 19£550.00Yes
Sat 21 Sep 19Sat 28 Sep 19£550.00Yes
Sat 28 Sep 19Sat 05 Oct 19£550.00Yes
Sat 05 Oct 19Sat 12 Oct 19£550.00Yes
Sat 12 Oct 19Sat 19 Oct 19£550.00Yes
Sat 19 Oct 19Sat 26 Oct 19£550.00Yes
Sat 26 Oct 19Sat 02 Nov 19£550.00Yes
Sat 02 Nov 19Sat 09 Nov 19£550.00Yes
Sat 09 Nov 19Sat 16 Nov 19£550.00Yes
Sat 16 Nov 19Sat 23 Nov 19£550.00Yes
Sat 23 Nov 19Sat 30 Nov 19£550.00Yes


Please note that all bookings run from Saturday to Saturday. The accommodation is available from 3pm on the Saturday you arrive, it must be vacated by 10am on the Saturday you leave. Prices include all fuel including wood. Maximum group sizes are 12 (chalet) or 6 (apartment)


Please leave it as clean as you find it. If  cleaning is required (we have a French lady who checks) then this charge will be deducted from your deposit (Minimum cleaning £60 for chalet and £50 apartment).

We provide quilts and pillows. We have linen and towels available for loan. If you want to use this service you will need to pay £10 per set of sheets and towels and then leave them in a basket provided at the end of your stay. Please let is know at least a week before your stay if you need linen or towels.


Any breakages during your stay we ask you to replace with the equivalent item and notify us on your return home. If you break anything that you cannot replace, please advise us by telephone AS SOON AS IT HAPPENS so that we can arrange for repair or replacement before the next guests.

That's it - we think this is fairly reasonable and fair. If you don't, please don't book!

Many thanks